IMPACT - Der Hebel für mehr Verkaufserfolg!


We advise our customers on all issues relating to improving their competitiveness, from strategy to implementation.
The focus is on sales – including all interfaces relevant to success.
We create our own picture of the situation and develop feasible solutions with our customers.
In doing so, we remain true to our customers and to ourselves.


We use a methodical approach to ensure that our customers’ plans are implemented. Our proven and scientifically-founded methods are individually adapted to the challenges faced by our customers.

Efficiently applied methods increase the prospects of success: From planning how to achieve the goals and managing leads, opportunities and accounts to partner management.


Improving skills improves competitiveness. ‘Proficiency’ is a pre-requisite for successful trading and standing up to the competition.

The aim of our training is to go beyond interpreting situations simply to confirm previous experience. It is only possible to do things differently and to do new things by breaking out of one’s comfort zone.


Our training sessions will lead to broader perspectives and procedures, based on your individual sales and customer situation.
We accompany our customers through all stages of implementing sales-related processes.


Our coaching services cover the management and sales processes, setting goals, dealing with conflicts and communication.

We help to unlock personal potential and apply it to achieving the goals in question.


We ensure that ambitious and workable solutions are developed within the framework of conditions and goals specified. Moderating for us means making it happen, getting those affected involved and devising solutions which everyone supports – both management and employees.