IMPACT - Der Hebel für mehr Verkaufserfolg!


Realignment of sales in a communications technology company

Increasing pressure from competition and a lack of clear goals and strategies.
Initial fluctuations among service providers.
Change of generation in company management.

Our contribution
Analysis of company position from a customer and company point of view.
Compiling new company goals and strategies with company management and executives.
Developing job specifications for managers and employees in sales.
Supporting the implementation of the company strategy and staff development.

Identification of employees with the company, its goals and strategies.
Management and employee strategy based on company goals.
Transparent criteria for the progress of the project and achieving sales targets.

Worldwide introduction of a sales methodology with a leading industrial company

Increasing pressure on results due to global competition.
Competitiveness of the company on the decline.
Long sales cycles with unsatisfactory hit rate.

Our contribution
Analysis of sales organisation in terms of its procedures, rationale and planning reliability.
Devising a standardised sales methodology.
Developing standardised planning and control tools for management.

Worldwide introduction of sales methodology.
Preparation of tools and methods for integration into the IT systems.

Significant improvement in results with increase in hit rate using existing resources.
Sales management and coaching system now used worldwide.
Increased planning reliability.

Realignment of sales to focus on solutions at a leading telecommunications provider

Fall in prices and failure to meet customer expectations led to significant market and margin losses.
Considering repositioning business-customer sales.

Our contribution
Analysis of sales with reference to key performance indicators.
Creating awareness of the necessity to reposition.
Training in skills and methods for pro-active solutions sales.

Increase in contribution from business-customer sales to the operating income.
Increase in average margin for each order.
Sustainable positioning as solutions provider.

Programme for implementing a change in strategy within a core area of a leading IT company.

Inadequate implementation of a change in strategy from being a hardware supplier to a solutions partner through sales.
Failure to accept supporting CRM systems.

Our contribution
Analysis of the reasons behind this inadequate implementation of the change in strategy.
Developing a method of self coaching and coaching of others in sales.
Introducing this coaching method with professionals from top sports.

Implementing new marketing strategies.
Protecting investments in CRM systems.
Positioning the company as a leader in innovation for IT concepts.

Realignment of the IT division of a world market leader in the metalworking industry.

Threat of outsourcing the IT division.
Attempt at re-positioning.

Our contribution
Analysing the value IT was adding to the operational business divisions.
Compiling IT success factors for the operational business.
Developing goals and strategies for re-positioning the IT division.

Clarifying the goals and expectations of the internal client.
The IT division is now seen as a factor in the success of the business by the operating units.

.. there is only one point we do not like about the whole thing: IMPACT should have been carried out much earlier!

– CEO of a medium-sized company, automotive industry