Leverage People - taking steps forward.

Our goal is for you to achieve your goals

Our customers include renowned companies from the fields of IT, telecommunications, plant engineering and other areas of technology. Internal service providers and non-profit organisations are also increasingly utilizing our expertise. The one thing they all have in common is increased competition.

Our professionals have been working as successful consultants and trainers on the IT and communications market for more than 10 years. We can draw on consultation and implementation experience gained with more than 100 national and international customers. We know the challenges faced by our customers from our own sales experiences as sales people and managers.

We are not content with merely superficially resolving problems. Interfaces, processes and hierarchies, all of which influence success, will be covered in the search for the most effective leverage for creating improvement.

Our contribution to customer success begins with consultation and includes implementation assistance. Our goal is for you to achieve your goals.


Lighting a straw fire is easy – but bringing about lasting improvements often requires more than just isolated actions and measures, however good they may be. Discipline and consistency is required when striving for sustainable results. Our solutions are therefore applied as processes and include the taking-over of processes and safeguarding of results.

Suitable concepts are characterised by their solutions-oriented approach, based on the available resources and operating within the specified framework. Our methods help identify challenges and further develop individual skills. This is what distinguishes successful thinking from complaining.

Working independently to search for possible solutions is the first stage of assuming responsibility for goals and results. This requires managers and employees to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner.

The acceptance of change and new solutions is based on the principle of simplicity. Companies as a whole must control complexity – employees and teams require solutions which are “easy” to implement.

We can work with you to find the leverage for your challenges.


Our professionals come from a background in sales. Sales-related challenges are rarely one-dimensional. Success factors include the sale itself, the management and all processes relating to the sale.

We compile our own image of the customer’s situation: From the viewpoint of the management through to employee opinions.
We work using proven and scientifically-founded methods: From planning the goals to implementing the required actions.
We know that making changes means leaving one’s comfort zone: From promoting motivation to assuming responsibility.
We know which success factors lead to lasting change:From the integration of management to gaining employee confidence.

We offer tailor-made solutions, not patent remedies: To ensure mutual success, for you and for us.


Thomas Koller and Jim Wonne founded Leverage People so as to bridge the gap between complex consultancy without implementation assistance on the one hand and isolated measures from a training catalogue on the other hand. They sought to benefit sales organisations and competition-oriented service organisations with their new approach.


Our consultants and trainers have long-standing experience gained in industry, services, retail, research and teaching.
A substantial level of knowledge of your business – in management and sales – will guarantee the quality of concepts and their implementation.
Our professionals can identify with their customers – and their proposed solutions are based on this.
Our teams are put together carefully. Experience and competence in solving customer challenges are the main criteria for selection.
Consultation for us means finding solutions which can be implemented in practice. For us there is one difference between theory and practice: action.

We are a fast growing company. There is always room in our team for professionals who meet these criteria.

.. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein